Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fuck Robots

I have little use for robots. They are greed exemplified. When you see a robot, you are looking at the means of taking bread out of someones mouth. You are looking at the sourcespring of the oodles of crap that we have lying around.

The only robots that should be allowed is the ones that take the place of humans in dangerous places. Bomb disarming robots are a good idea (though I think sending child molesters out with a set of rusty pliers and a bobby pin offers an equally attractive option).

When we start rebuilding our manufacturing capacity (you know, the one we gave to China in order to line the CEO's pockets), we should try for a system where the roles of robots are minimized. Work for pay should be performed by humans, to earn their way, to feed their families and provide a life. Robots replace humans and those savings just go into the bosses pockets.

(A side note, I love, I laugh hysterically at their stuff)

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mockum said...

Seems to me if a job can be done by a mindless machine then that job isn't one that anyone would really want. Sure, people will say they want that mindless labor because they want the paycheck, but they'll be entirely unfulfilled and will resort to liquor, drugs, violence, and TV. Go read Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line.