Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How we will get through

The big issue that we have to deal with is; how do we build a real economy?

Down here in the trenches, everyone knows that the "service economy" is a crock. The truth of globalization is that we made rich people richer. We were lulled into thinking that we were above a decent days work for a decent days pay. As a country, we started to feel that we were to good to do actual work, that our job was an endless excel spreadsheet doing analysis of trends. Hell, the real problem with illegal immigration is that every American seems to feel that honest work is above his station.

Hell, what pisses me off is when I hear some idiot talking about the "lazy Mexicans". Face it folks, most of these guys can work most Americans into the ground. They don't ask for the sun, moon, and stars for wages, and they don't need their asses kissed every ten minutes as part of a self-esteem plan.

Get used to it guys. We will have to go back to work. Not this sanitized, white collar crap, but get down to it work making things and selling real services. Now I am less than pleased with this idea myself, but it is for real. As a fat old man, it looks like I get to experience the joy of working myself back into shape. It will be good for me.

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