Monday, July 7, 2008

Odds and Ends

What I figure preps will do is to add to the reduced supplies that I will soon be seeing in a tighter future. There was a great article the other day discussing the types of doomers, and I realized that I really wasn't one of them. You see, I really think that all of this caterwauling and whining about the end of the world is just an odd fantasy.

The world is going to be a lot different soon. People will be the same as they ever were. Some of them will go bad and try to make a lifestyle of taking from others, but good folks will get together, hire a ruthless bastard to put down the outlaws, and then we will move on with our much smaller lifestyles and dreams. You see, I am not concerned because I realize that the last thirty years or so have been nothing but a bacchanalian excess. Like all similar excesses, it was never meant to last. The excess that I had so much fun doing was not real-life, and it was definitely not a right.

So, now we go back to being adults. We live within our means, which means living a with a lot less. The clothes in your closet are going to have to last you for quite a while folks, I would be getting some mothballs and a trunk to store them in. Don't worry if they are too small, my guess is that you are going to be losing some weight, you will be able to back into a new wardrobe.

That car you have in the front, I would consider making it the last car that you own. With the amount of driving you will be doing, it will be easy. 3,000 miles a year should do you fine. Bus travel, bikes and walking will be your transport for the most part. Your garden will be a dream, you are going to learn a lot about that hobby.

Your career is going to change. You are going to have to work. If you are in banks, or finance, or making planes or any other of the "new technology" jobs that have bloomed, you will be trying to find a job that will actually do something.

So my feeling is that if you are planning for the end of the world, you will probably be disappointed. If the world does go apocalyptic on us, your plans and preps will most likely be useless anyway.

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Staying Alive said...

Speaking about getting a job where you actually do something, I am reminded that the largest employer in the country is the US fedgov. How we gonna find all those guys legitimate work? That's a tall order!