Monday, July 21, 2008

The Trouble with the Show

I love watching football and train wrecks. Its true.

But what really bugs me lately is the commentators in both sports. They talk so much and analyze so much that it is really starting to detract from my enjoyment. At least in football, the commentators are usually ex-football players. They have played the game, and they are talking about a game with a defined set of rules that has a clear outcome and a defined time frame. They still talk too much, but I guess that I can live with it.

The train wreck analysts are so much worse. in the financial train wreck game MSNBC is especially irritating. The men are used car salesmen with slick suits and a line of patter designed to separate the mark from his money. The women are expensive looking hookers who use their looks to separate the mark from his money. They spout endless rah-rah and analysis that is wrong so often that one's head spins at the sheer effrontery of these morons offering an opinion.

In the political train wreck league, it is hard to decide which of the networks has the bigger idiots. Katie Couric has the credibility and intellect of your standard day care worker. The two men are talking heads straight out William Hurt's character in the movie "Network News", and PBS is so busy camouflaging it's liberal bias by finding the current tame conservative commentator that they really don't have time to piss off anyone. I would guess that PBS is the best of this bad lot.

The moral train wreck league is covered by Trinity Broadcasting and Fox News. Fox is clearly the loser here, as their coverage leans extensively toward mouthing moral outrage while supporting any theft whatsoever by the corporations that currently run America. Trinity is at least amusing. An afternoon drinking beer and listening to cheerful and poorly thought-out biblical interpretation is a great way to relax. Martin Luther and John Calvin are rolling over in their graves, but these folks are sincere and that covers a lot of sins.

The cable was canceled 4 month's ago. I don't miss it in the least

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