Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ingratitude as theft

For all of our incessant whining about the end of the world, perhaps we had better take a different tack on our thoughts today. Maybe we had better take a day to savor what we have now.

Cuz you see, today is an excellent day to get your thoughts in order and your priorities straight.

Do you have a family? Cherish them.
Is your health OK? Very Good.
Do you have a job? Congratulate yourself.
Is there more food on the table than you can eat ? Excellent.
Is the pantry looking OK for the holidays? Check
Got some cash squirrelled away and some money in the bank? You are foursquare my friend.

Every day of your life is a ruthless inventory of your personal challenges and your personal capabilities. Today is a day to give thanks for the tools that you have been given. Don't worry about the challenges, they will be up early tomorrow.

So show some genuine gratitude for what you have today. Otherwise the day would be a waste

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Shy Wolf said...

Amen. Happy Thanksgiving to you, D.
'Nuff said-