Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let it go man

At the end of the day, we have to let the car companies go bankrupt.

But Barak has some political payback to make. The decisions that he will make over these first couple of months will say a lot about the man.

The unions anointed Obama early and busted their butts to get him into the White House. The unions are also terrified that the big three will go bankrupt and throw all of their lard-laden contracts into the never-never land of chapter 11. But the union contracts are a large part what is killing the big three. The overpaid semi-skilled workers assembling the cars coupled with the incredible health benefits promised the retired workers are sucking the firms dry.

There are a lot of other things dragging the car companies down. Crappy model choices made by short-term thinking and greed, an archaic and parasitic dealer system with a set of business ethics would make a trial lawyer sick, overcapacity in a world growing short on oil.

So at the end of the day these sorry husks must change or die.

Bankruptcy would be a decent first step.

I wonder if Obama has the courage to let it happen.


Shy Wolf said...

Dunno for certain, but Rush (or someone a couple days ago) got the word out the auto companies were going to use the bailout money to keep their pension bennies operating rsather than keep people working. Of course, we know BHO is going to be peeing a lot of unions off, not to mention the free loaders looking for him to make their house payments and buy their gas.

Marine 83 said...

The first post you have written that I have agreed with 100%. Try not to let that happen again.

Mayberry said...

Obammy will appease his union puppet masters...