Sunday, November 30, 2008

Squirrellin' Away

Qui donne aux pauvres prête à Dieu

This has been a very weak time for me to buy preps as the yuletide is upon us. I am content with that, as a matter of fact, I have been spending preps learning how to cook with them in a manner that will be acceptable to the boyos.

But I think that I will drop by the food bank tomorrow and give some money. I would strongly urge all of you to do the same.

You see, the only way to help people is to take on the task of doing it yourself. Some of the people who will benefit from my donations will probably not meet societies standards for having worth. I don't care about that. I do not donate for the benefit of society, I donate to make myself worthy in the eyes of God.

I realize that some of you will look at me like an idiot, throwing good money after bad. So be it. But I would recommend that all of you take a step back from the egocentric act of prepping and look at the broader picture. If all you are doing is making a mountain of stuff in order to survive when all around you are falling into chaos, then you are little better than a coyote gnawing its own leg off to escape a trap.

Because in my mind, it is the society that surrounds us that allows us to become fully human. The web of dependencies and trust allow the individual to become whole. The more one cuts oneself off from this web, the less human one becomes.

The real trouble with survivalism is that the most zealous practitioners are more than willing to do anything to survive. While a lot of you will ask "what is the problem with that?" I just want you to think about how that attitude shortens the jump to barbarism.


Dorcas' Daddy said...

Wrote a $315 check to the food bank last week--good call man!

Shy Wolf said...

Good idea, D. Worthless as they seem, even the dregs are valuable to society, especially the lib factors- how else would they be able to divest hard working people of tax cash for their 'homeless projects', etc?
"I am tired of your new moon festivals and your sacrificial feasts. To care for the orphan and the widow and the homeless in need, this is the sacrifice I desire," says He Who sits in the heavens.
Good job, D. Blessings: for the manner in which we bless, shall also we be blessed.