Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chinese Train Wreck

You know, we whine constantly about how bad we have it. It really isn't all that bad. We had best start counting our blessings and getting ready to send aid and comfort to folks overseas when their world starts blowing up on them. Of course, we will have to do the same here, but despite all of the serious doomsaying going on, we will be able to deal with the changes coming better than a lot of people will.

China is going to be going through some bad shit soon. You probably should have realized this when the morons writing books for public sale began to talk about the "Asian Miracle" and other such rot. As soon as you see a book on the sale rack at Barnes and Noble espousing some thing or the other, you are usually pretty certain that that phenomenon is doomed.

Anyway, they have set up their economy to do nothing but feed into our neurotic shopping habit. Needless to say, if the current trend continues and the US comes to its senses and starts living within its means, China is well and truly fucked. But the truth is that they are waaaaaayyyyy too overpopulated, polluted and corrupt to survive anything coming at them.

Right now they have an intellectually bankrupt and amoral elite trying to keep the lid on a billion or so peasants who tire of getting screwed over. They are also sitting on a huge pile of soon-to-be-worthless US bonds to show for their bad decisions. Life is going to be interesting there.

So to my friends Liu Kiu Shan and Chen Jian Liu, keep your heads down and start preppin' , cuz you guys are gonna need it more than I will.

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