Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm taking a break

See you after the New Year, may the peace of Christ be with you always. May you find hope and joy in your life.

There is no evidence of any kind regarding the date of Jesus’ birth. His nativity began to be celebrated on Dec. 25 in Rome during the early part of the fourth century (AD 336) as a Christian counterpart to the pagan festival, popular among the worshipers of Mithras, called Sol Invictis, the Unconquerable Sun. At the very moment when the days are the shortest and darkness seems to have conquered light, the sun passes its nadir. Days grow longer, and although the cold will only increase for quite a long time, the ultimate conquest of winter is sure. This astronomical process is a parable of the career of the Incarnate One. At the moment when history is blackest, and in the least expected and obvious place, the Son of God is born…"

-- Frederich Borsch & David Napier


Stephanie in AR said...

Merry Christmas! enjoy your time off.

Bustednuckles said...

Merry Christmas to you sir.
Try not to throw your back out shoveling all the snow.

Thankfully the temperature is supposed to climb above freezing for the next several days.