Monday, December 8, 2008

Watching the watts and spilt milk

I have been watching my energy use a lot lately. Doing a pretty good job of it too. Mostly it just comes from the simple, virtuous act of turning things off that you aren't using.

I also keep the house chilly the bulk of the time. I use small, ceramic space heaters for where I am in the house and letting the house stay cool (I keep the main furnace thermometer at 55 degrees) needless to say I heat with electricity.

So where for the last two Novembers I used 1910kwh and 2830kwh, this year I used 630. Now part of me is proud. I am just as warm and well fed as in the past (and no, it wasn't a particularly mild month, pretty much normal) but now I am pissing and moaning to myself about the amount of money that I wasted in the past.

You gotta steer clear of that thought. Beating yourself up for your former mistakes doesn't do a lick of good. I will smile ruefully when I think of the significantly larger cushion that I would have if I had learned my frugality earlier, but hell, life was good then and I was running with it.

Our mistakes of the past are how we learn. They also provide us some of our fonder memories. Deal with them and move on.

Winter is here.

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