Thursday, December 11, 2008

You Know, It may not be all that bad

I highly recommend reading CK Michaelsons "Some Assembly Required" every day. This post is about a comment that was at the top of one of his posts last week

"Money is an accounting device we imagine is real."

Well. That got me to thinking. You know, we constantly piss and moan about TEOTWAWKI and all of the portents that we see coming down the pipe. Well, you know, it might not be all that bad.

Now that isn't saying that the way we have had it is going to stick around in some form. Au contraire mon vieux, if you (like a lot of folks) are gauging success as the number of zeroes and ones that will soon be vanishing from a bank's database, well, you will be getting fucked soon, and, should you wish, I will be happy to send you a shitpot of will be needing it.

But it won't be bad if you step back now. cut your losses and simplify, simplify, simplify.

Your food is going to change...get ready to start eating the way you always knew you were supposed to eat. Lots of beans and soups and breads. Cable....get over it, paying $100.00 a month to have a sewer delivered to your living room is stupid. Yes your kids will whine, but they can get over it.

I keep beating this drum again and again and again, but the quality of your life isn't demarcated by the size and quality of your toys or your bank account. Get down to the basics. Decent healthy food, a warm fireplace, some time set apart for your family, a chess set, a radio.

We are going to be poorer in a financial sense. Maybe it won't be all bad, it will just depend what you do with this opportunity.


Staying Alive said...

"A hundred dollars a month to have a sewer run into your living room!" Tremendous! The most inspirational words I have read this morning. I love it when tee bullshit gets cooked down to reality.


Patricia said...

Poorer in a financial sense, but (depending on one's attitude) far richer in the real sense. More time on our hands, time with which we can make good things, good food, good families, good life. But then, maybe I'm too much an dreamer...

Mayberry said...

That's what I been sayin' all along! Good Lord, we work and slave away to have "sewer run into your living room", a piece of crap cookie cutter McMansion in the 'burbs, some way over equipped POS vehicle in the driveway..... What the hell for? Don't need none of it sez I. Man survived for thousands of years before DirecTV and Mr. Coffee.....

Noddy said...

I've always said knowledge is worth more than money because with knowledge you can get everything money can buy and more.