Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This is nothing but a list of grievances. Yours will be added if it suits me. Please feel free to send your grievance(s) as comments. Please word them succinctly and accurately. Rants are frowned upon, and if too egregious, will be publicly mocked.

One issue per proposition. Anticipated future grievances are not welcomed. I am not a fan of the concept of a "slippery slope".

Please send in your grievances

Proposition One

The United States government is no longer anything but an appendage of multinational corporate interests. The needs of the people are subordinated to the needs of the corporate entities. Whether one likes the words or not, Fascism or Corporatism define the nature of the American government since 1950.

Proposition Two
Simply put, the United States suffers from imperial overstretch. This overstretch is a direct consequence of the control of government by corporate interests. This overstretch and the military doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance as outlined in the Department of Defense document "Joint Vision 2020" and reflects an expansionary foreign policy bent on securing from their current owners and returning what are considered critical materials to the corporations by force.

Proposition Three

The control of the monetary and banking decisions of the United States have been abrogated to a consortium of foreign and domestic banks who are running these policy making entities for their own purposes...eg, the funding of the military-industrial complex. This is a requirement stemming from proposition two and is an ancillary profit center of the corporate interests outlined in proposition one.

Proposition Four
The government has, through its pointed lack of oversight on the medical system in the United States created a dysfunctional system that is ruled by pharmaceutical companies and controlled by a medical profession more concerned with profit than with the health of the society.

Proposition Five
These interests and the current Government of the United States have created such excessive debt and future obligations that it will be impossible to service the debt and provide for the other obligations without paupering the future generations.


Anonymous said...

I think your list pretty much hits the big ones.

I might add:

I have a problem with the people being educated by the very entity they are supposed to control by using that education. And it is no wonder why the education system is degreding at a rapid rate as it serves the interests of the elite.

Anonymous said...

From the other side of the pond we´re getting the thumbscrews tightened. Biometric photos and fingerprints in passports, a one year storage of all digital communications, the cost of course payed buy the customer who is getting monitored... In Sweden the big media distributers are getting mandatory access to IPs from ISPs. How´s that for corporatism? 1984 has already been, I know. It was last year.

Mockum said...

That's a pretty good list. You specifically listed finance and banking but you could also list control of the energy and environmental policies as well as copyright law that have been manhandled by our corporate masters.

More importantly, though, is what should we do about it? Vote and hope? Escape to a cabin in the woods and hope they leave us alone? Take up arms and be gunned down by trained soldiers half our age?

Staying Alive said...

I think that since we have the Continuity of Government Act we should also have the Continuity of the Citizens Act. I am tired of everything going strong for the government and going weak for me!


Patricia said...

A brilliant and well-thought out list. Great post!