Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Apparently, there is a cynical as shit writer in Chicago who labels BHO’s flavor or snake oil as “Hopium”. My sister, who lives up in Glenview informed me of this today and for a little while, I did the expected and sneered. “What kind of fool could believe that hogwash?” sez I. But then Sis threw me for a loop.

Apparently she and a close friend sat down together and watched the whole inauguration dog and pony show together. Her friend (my nephew’s piano teacher) is blind so Sis described everything to her. They were both so happy that the change had occurred that they “suspended disbelief” for a couple of days and they seem much happier now for the process.

Now, let me explain how this is so unusual. Sis is a serious, dyed in the wool, Republican in most things. She moved out of Utah into the South Side of Chicago and clawed her way up. She knows money, and she is more than aware of the corruption and dishonesty everpresent in the Chicago machine politics that spawned BHO. She comes from the same white-trash world as I do and took home the same basic lessons as I did. Hell, she is even prepping, she now has half of her yard in gardens and fruit trees. She is betting on another great depression.

So how the hell did she buy the snake oil?

So I put on my shoes and hat and went on a stroll though the neighborhood. It is the same old place. When I got back, I finally figured out what she was so happy about.

In the end, the change of power symbolized by GWB and BHO and their wives sitting down for a friendly cup of coffee and then wandering a couple of blocks to transfer power from the old to the new just shows that the system still works well enough to have a chance. It might not be a big chance, it may very well just fall flat on its face. But a chance is there, and that is more than King George and his merry band of morons had to offer.

The continuity of government was handled well, the failed ex-president walked out gracefully. The new president was as smooth as silk.

So Sis got a couple of days of rest from worry. She has a brief moment of hope and happiness and a rare and precious moment with a close friend. It isn’t much, but maybe there is a chance that that moment and others like it, in their stubborn displays of resilience and hope will allow us to energy and courage to hold the politicians and oligarchs to the high standards which will allow us navigate the storm.

And if Obama doesn't deliver on the promises that he made, maybe that will give her the anger to use that well-deserved rest to good purpose.

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Mayberry said...

Hey 'Gringo, I got some ocean front property in Arizona I'd like to sell ya..... "Hopium", HA! That's rich....... Politicians only lie when their lips are moving.....