Monday, January 5, 2009

Something for every prepper

Yes, we all have guns. Let's see how useful they are without something to shoot out of them.

As a part of that, lets talk about reloading equipment. Now, a lot of you probably have a double ultra-sheen reloader that does everything but pick your nose. You dropped a lot of money on the beast and you still don't mention it where your wife can hear cuz' you know it is just gonna set her off again. This post ain't for you.

For the rest of us, I am heartily recommending the Lee Loader. This baby is a classic. Sit down for an hour and knock out 30 or 40 rounds while watching the sunset. It sure as hell beats watching Oprah. There really isn't a single thing to break and it makes just fine reloads. If you really feel motivated, look at their bullet molds and case trimmers. If you have one of these little babies, and a buttload of powder and primers, I think that you will be set.


Mayberry said...

Cheap! And it even comes in my size, 7.62x54r! Added to the (ever expanding) list.....

Ooooohhhhh... The verification word is "unded".... The zombies are comin'! Ha ha!

thatguyinkentucky said...

Those little Lee loaders are great. Can't recommend them enough. Can really make a high quality load with them in my opinion.

chuckinvt said...

I had one in 44mag and Ihad a bad habit of blowing primers! Get the Lee hand press, uses regular dies and no tapping involved

Degringolade said...


Hehhh...If you are shooting a monster like a 44 mag, then I might agree with you. But for 9mm, 5.56 or 30-30, these are the cats meow.

vlad said...

Easy to use Lee Loader

I prefer the RCBS hand priming toool

A 50 cal ammo box holds Lee Loader,
priming tool; and powder, primers and bullets for 500+ reloads.

vlad said...

correction to text.

RCBS hand priming tool