Saturday, January 3, 2009

A True Believer

I was reading Mish Shedlock over at his blog the yesterday. Now, Mish is a great writer and a wonderful source of news. I agree with a lot of what he says. Can't say enough good things and y'all should read him often.

But, Mish is a zealot. Where the Bible had Simon Zealotes, Mish serves the same function for "free market capitalism"(Mishes Free-Marketes? .....naw.... Not quite the same ring). I will happily continue reading him, and still heartily recommend him, but he is a zealot and this fact must be noted to be able to fit him into the more complex construct that is the real world.

I am mentioning Mish as an example of an occurrence in your life and in the blogosphere. That if you are not careful, you will end up with a out of balance world-view. Whether you like it or not, there are folks out there with world views and ideas that are different than yours and might not even be wrong. It may well pay for you to hear them out. Hell, Unitatis redintegratio was published in the early 1960's, us mackerel snappers been admitting you protestants might be right on the occasional issue since then, who knows, the liberals maybe have some things right...might be worth a look.

So go out of your way to read something that you don't agree with, pick it apart for the good in it. Fold that good bit into a more complex and evolving world view than "kill the bastards when they come for my stuff" that is the staple of the survivalist screed.

Because democracy isn't about being right, it is about compromising and living together. You can't do this unless you know your neighbor and can have some respect for his opinion.


Stephanie in AR said...

Similiar to my belief that if you greatly admire someone or something you should be able to list a few points that you disagree with. Seems to me that if you cannot find one thing to disagree with then you have not done your homework. (esp. in the last election).

If nothing else, agreeing with the opposite side on a point or two always seems to throw them off kilter. lol always good for a smile.

Dorcas' Daddy said...

You've really been on fire lately Deg, I'm enjoying your dash of biblical knowledge.

Mayberry said...

This is exactly what I've been saying all along, but the powers that be in this country make it impossible.... It becomes more "my way or the highway" every day.... I just wanna live my life how I see fit, and be left alone, but noooooo........