Sunday, January 18, 2009

The way that folks are looking at things

I think that the tide is starting to turn. I think that folks are now realizing that their habits and lifestyle these last thirty years were, in fact, a serious, perhaps fatal mistake.

Now we are sitting in a pretty precarious position. Because you see, folks won't want to give up any of the stuff and money and power and perquisites that they have amassed at every level of society. The financiers will want to keep their money. The politicians will want to keep their power, the lumpen will want to keep their oversized pickups and their football games.

So now, as a society, we know deep-down that we are going to have to give up quite a bit. No harm in that, we'll get by. But we won't like it a bit and we will get angry. We will go hunting for someone to blame other than that pesky bastard who stares back at us from the mirror every morning. So we will begin witch hunts and try to fix the blame somewhere else and on a different someone. That will make us feel as though we weren't a part of the fall, that somehow we were an innocent bystander, sorely used by our designated scapegoat.

But if we are truly adults, we will refrain from this. Because in true justice, blame is usually pretty well parceled out among all the parties involved, and there are very few who have lived virtuously in these decades of excess.

I'm not holding my breath.

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Staying Alive said...

We the People lived it up and sucked it up for all those years and kept voting those bastards into office. It is now time to pay the piper. Enjoy.