Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Big Gorilla Sleeping in the Living Room

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It is called the medical “system” here in the good old USA.

It is an odd thing, part medieval guild (doctors) part modern union (nurses) part governmental intrusion (medicare), part straight out oppression (ancillary workers),  and part feudal fiefdoms (hospital administrators and for profit hospitals)

This abortion of a system employs around 10% of the workforce.  It is has an extremely stratified pay structure that allows the top to glean the great majority of the rewards and the benefits while ruthlessly suppressing the bulk of the workers who provide services.  It is also very inclusive.  You must buy into the system with excessive homage to their cousins in the higher education sector.

It is attended by the scum of our society, who cruise remora-like searching for scraps.  The trial lawyers (read here: ambulance chasers) lure the unaware into expensive and foolish lawsuits that act as parasites decreasing the viability of this Frankenstein creature.

It is also attended by big and small pharma and biotech.  These mangy parasites are claiming the cure to every malady ever seen by man.  All they need is more time, unlimited funds, and no review of their questionable use of statistics, questionable moral practices, questionable business practices, or the complete suborning of the FDA to their wishes.

But right now this is the only decent cashflow in the country.  They have no intention of serving the uninsured, they believe that Mr. Darwin has the solution to that morass.  They only have intentions of providing “the best healthcare in the world” to the moneyed classes and hypochondriacs of the middle class.  They will take the money of the frightened soulless who fear their reunion with God.

This one isn’t going to be fixed easily if at all.  The boomers are coming, with their electoral votes and their rights and entitlements.  They will demand the tribute of the young and poor to extend their shallow lives.

I’m gonna trick them all.

I’m just gonna die when it is my time.


Stephanie in AR said...

Tucked away in the stimulus package is a move to change the system to more like Europe - what Daschle was able to craft before he went bye-bye. In essence, the amount of care you are entitled to receive will depend on how useful you are to society & how much society can get out of you. Old people will be expected to understand that resources are for those who are contributing. The resources are more for those younger. The selling point: By stressing helping chidren/younger the if/then is an older person won't need as much health care because they will already be in good shape. Too bad if you are not - its for the good of society. While I wonder about some of the treatments offered to very old - say 75+ (some seems like a money grab kwim) it should never be governments job to decide who gets what. I worked in the heavy care hall of a nursing home & would not wish what the goverment seems to be planning on even the worst of those people. Go when its time to go but big gov doesn't need to be in a rush to kick your butt out the door.

Publius said...

Nice post... and yes, we can't avoid death.
But how about mentioning the great gains to the individual's health that can be found in a good, varied, lean diet, and in exercise? The "hardship" diet that Cuba experienced after the fall of the USSR led to an INCREASE in the island's health!

And then there is alternative medicine, herbs, yoga, etc... many of which can help with chronic conditions.

Keep up the good work...

Patricia said...

Where are you getting those wonderful 18th cent cartoons or engravings? They're great.

On the medical industry, you're right on the money.

Mayberry said...

My plan is purty much in line with yours.... Live life, and die when it's my time. There was discussion at work today about family members with cancer, $4,000 prescriptions (for 30 day supply!), and in my mind, all I could think of was "fuck that"...... Leave me out of it. ALL of it....... I reckon once my homestead is established, I'll purty much remain healthy as a horse through hard work, good diet, and clean living. If not, well so be it.....