Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fons et Origo


Hippie, yuppie, boomer. Different words for the same problem. They all speak of the same primary phenomenon, a very large, very spoiled cohort of Peter Pan’s with not a Wendy in sight.

They took their first bows in an extended tantrum called the Anti-War movement. If the main reason for the anti-war movement was pacifism and a reaction to an unjust war, I would have been cool with that. But as anyone who was there and who is honest with themselves will tell you, the prime driver was probably cowardice. Cowardice and a deep-seated desire to smoke dope, screw every member of the opposite sex in sight, and listen to some really righteous music.

The boomers like to take credit for the anti-discrimination movement. Naw…that dog won’t hunt. That was done by the prior watch. The hippies stood around and were photogenic foot soldiers, but they didn’t have shit to do with the process.


Once they had went back to the land in the commune movement, they came running back screaming. Apparently you had to work. Zounds. So they plunged into the same morass of grey flannel that bred their fathers with a verve and became the yuppies. These were hotshot young business types, devoid of any morals and intent on amassing wealth.


They succeeded and became the boomer establishment that handed the shit on a plate we are currently eating. Nothing came in between them and their mindless greed and self importance.

American jobs…get rid of them, outsource them to China and India.

Regulations keeping them from the money (Glass-Steigal et al) dump what you could, bribe the inspectors for the rest.

Build any bubble….tech, houses, commercial real estate, bonds….build it, piss on it it’s my money.

All of this happened on the boomers watch. Their poster children are Bushie II and Gore and the Clinton’s. If these aren’t the poster children for this pathetic excuse for a generation, I don’t know who else to blame.

I am a boomer

I am ashamed.


MeadowLark said...

I just appreciate you blaming it on a generation rather than a political party. I swear if I hear one more "Your party did this....Yeah, but YOUR party did THAT" I'm gonna puke.

They all screw us in the end.

Don't be ashamed. It's those other eff-ers.

Mayberry said...

Thanks boomers.....

Bustednuckles said...

I am just trying to stay alive long enough to die poor.
My name is Busted and I am a Boomer.