Friday, February 13, 2009



Now I have to go out and buy some hippy seeds.

The hybrids that give me such bounty aren’t going to be lasting long. Nor should they. They are an artifact of the disposable world of excess we are leaving. They gave me great yields and they made me feel like I was a stud farmer with their pumped up steroid-like growth and yields. But the truth of the matter is I grew them cuz I was lazy and wanted yield. The taste isn’t as good.

But if in fact the fewmets are hitting the fan, they will not be a good thing. I know they idea of saving seeds, but I have never done it in practice. Looks like this year is the year. Lots of good folks to talk to up here in the NW Victory seeds is looking like the winner for my needs.

But I haven’t found a decent purveyor of spuds. As you old time readers are well aware, my love for spuds is only exceeded by my love of piggies.

A little help here?


Dorcas' Daddy said...

Hey bud,

Buy some organic potatoes and sprout them--no need for a seed.

Also, it's "Hippie"

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie in AR said...

In the past I got a catalog from the Ronniger's company but never ordered.

I checked the garden watchdog site and they have a good rating.

Territorial Seeds sells potatoes. I have purchased seeds from them for at least 6 years and never had a problem. Never ordered the potatoes because never had the room to plant them until this year. (used my small garden for tomatoes & other favorites). You might give them a good looking over.


Stephanie in AR said...

Is the picture of the potatoes in the tires from your garden? If it is would you explain your "how-to"

Stephanie in AR said...

Me again - went to Wally world to try to find a chainsaw and found potatoes instead. On an endcap - away from the main aisle were three pound bags of 4 varieties costing $6.00: Yukon Gold, Kennebec, Pontiac, something. The bags were heavy paper with label on front and some netting on back. I have never seen Walmart carry potatoes like this before so might be worth checking in your area.