Sunday, February 1, 2009

Those Greedy Bastards at Davos


Davos is a beautiful town.  When I was stationed (too briefly) down at Bad Toltz in Southern Bavaria, I toodled around and went over to see it.  This was in 1977 and it was gorgeous.   Got to ski, got to hang around bars.  I even managed to buy the most beautiful woman I had ever seen(or for that matter, that I have ever seen) in my life a drink and talk to her for a half hour or so, it is one of my most pleasant memories.  Failure to launch on that one, but it actually might be better that way.

But recently, Davos has taken on a different cast in my mind.  I see it now as a infestation of greed, where the world-rapists gather to preen and inform the low of their latest plans to abuse us.

Nothing good has ever come from Davos since it has been used as a sounding board for greed.

So when you read this article, they are now concerned that when the current iteration of benighted bailout foolishness is passed, it will have a “Buy American” label on it.  What this means is that the foreign greedy useless banker analogues of our batch of greedy useless bankers will have a harder time getting hold of our tax dollars.  Well, fuck them.

If we are going to pull out of this one, we can’t save the world this time.  We will be damned lucky if we managed to save ourselves.  We cannot allow Ford to spend a billion of our money down in Brazil to save jobs there.  That money needs to work here.

You already know my opinion on protectionism, it hasn’t changed.  I think that this time it is in our interests, the times have changed.

She was beautiful.

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