Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cutting and running


Bugging out is an interesting concept.  The idea that things will get so bad that you will have to leave your home and make for the wilderness in order to save you life.

But the more that I think about it, the more that the logic of this endeavor eludes me.  Unless you have a secured site to go to, with prepared caches of supplies along the way, and a good plan, I think that you might have a hell of a go at it.  Best of luck.

Even when you arrive, folks seem to have an oddly stylized idea of life in Bugoutland.  All the sudden, the woes of a failed society are lifted from ones shoulders and one is armed anew with clear eyes, a steely gaze, and a fresh supply of good old American ingenuity.  The ground will yield bountiful harvests and the neighbors will all be clear-skinned patriots.  Oh, there will be some troubles, but they will be easily run off with a couple of well-considered three-round bursts from one’s trusty M-4.  All of this will be accomplished before a healthy and flavorful dinner is served by a trusting and loving spouse.

Well folks, pardon me for being a bit of a cynic here, but I just don’t see it.   At best, if things get so bad that you need to bug out, and even if you have the foresight and good luck to have Bugoutland already prepared, I don’t think that it will at all resemble the idyllic scene above.

I guess that I see it as more akin to the story of Beowulf.   The Heorot that has been built will house your own claustrophobic version of brooding Hrothgar, but Grendel and his mom will still be on the outside.  If I were you, I wouldn’t plan on the group of good-hearted sociopaths named Beowulf and the Geats to pull your bacon from the fire.

You see, I think that cities are the place to be.  Yes there will be gangs.  Yes there will be a whole buttload of problems, but they will have solutions.  There will be the manpower and drive to get things right.  I don’t think that things will have the flex that we have now.  Folks will eat less, make less, pay more, and work more.  We will live within our means.  We will probably have a lot of things removed from our “entitlements” list and placed over into the “luxuries” column where they belonged in the first place. 

In the end, it has always been the πόλεις that has made the world a better place. 

I will stand.


Mayberry said...

Most folks who plan to bug out have a location (or several) to go to. Usually with kin or friends with a nice patch of ground. Or maybe some ground of your own. I don't agree with staying in the city, too many bodies clamoring over (potentially) too few resources. Being in the city also makes it easier for the JBTs to round you up. But, to each his own I reckon....

Stephanie in AR said...

I agree with the bug-out place not being the easier answer. Most plans are based on where you are now - problems, thinking, prepping. You can have an idea of what to expect at the new place but I guarantee that there will be something that was not even on the radar.

We thought we were well prepped for at least 3 months maybe more (consider that we are prepping for 8 people so ours is slower than others). Living here 2 months when the ice storm hit & discovered problems we had not thought about. The unexpected unnoticed gas leak that leaked half a tank of LP in less than a week - discovered as the ice was falling. One example.

Another for those who disagree: Chiggars. Do not respond to normal anti-itch meds.

Most country people are cautious in normal situations - how much more in stressful times?

I would not say "Do Not Move" but more don't expect warm greeting & easy living.

PS I thought the list of those who do it better was a post & kept wondering what was lots of reading to catch up on.

Shy Wolf said...

I'm of two minds in this one. Mostly, I think what's about to happen is nothing like what any generation has experienced, so what good having a Bugout locale may well be negated in the long run. Ditto with Sheltering In Place. So, again, I wonder- who will truly have it better? You are so correct in thinking many feel their Bugout place will be 'heaven' visited, for sure: it's going to be work like none have ever imagined let alone lived.