Monday, March 23, 2009

Just because I am a curmudgeon


Consider for a moment this article.

Now, this is probably raising ire among the constytooshunalists.  Maybe so, but good on the TSA.

It isn’t because I afraid of terrorism.  Naw, terrorism is less frightening to me that what I know will occur the next time I go for my yearly checkup(I hate being >50 YO).

It is because we have to stop this incessant gadding about on airplanes.  We appear to be infatuated with some notion that it our right to climb aboard a aluminum tube sloshing with jet fuel, burn the jet fuel up at 30,000 feet, where the greenhouse gasses produced by said combustion can have the greatest adverse effects, in order to land and “recreate” in a different place than where we live.

Oh…cultural education you say…we get to see other cultures.  Bullshit, folks who are rich enough to travel this way don’t go anywhere near the local culture, they stay in places where a well-disinfected, disneylike, simulation is available to ever so discreetly disparage.

My favorite is the “business traveller”.  This moron does it because he is felt to be indispensible.  His is the healing presence that allows all good things to flow.  Money and goodwill are his to turn like a tap.  What a drone.

Nope, my feeling is that anything that will will help to kill the ill-considered and parasitic airline travel and tourism industries will be be for the overall good and be a blessing for the planet.

You go TSA…you have my full support.  Hell, for my share of the money, you can even throw in some random cavity searches.


Publius said...

You are dead on.
Most travel is NOT educational, is NOT good for the destination country or culture's well-being, and does nothing to bring about international harmony.

Unless you consider going to the top of the Eiffel Tower somehow likely to teach Americans French, and to become experts in the history of the French Revolution.

Shy Wolf said...

Deg- I think you are so right. Most tourists don't even care about seeing the local 'culture', just the suaveoire-faire (sic)they've seen on Ooprah and the places their H'wierd idols go. That is, unless that locale is a third world country or on its way.
The businessman is quite possibly becoming a dinosaur, as well, considering how the economy/business is tanking. And we can rest assured any politico going anywhere is not going to be absorbing any kind of local color whatever.