Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nobility of the sword, nobility of the robe


I feel that the biggest problem currently facing the United States is the completely unequal power distribution.  We have been taken over by the rich.

I guess what surprises me the most is how the rich have neutered us low-lifes.  They haven’t done it the old fashioned way, with the dragonnade and the gallows, but rather, they have appealed to our cupidity.  The po’ folk here in the US feel that, if only they could keep the government off of their back, they could rise up the social and cultural ladders and live like the plantation owners of old.  Hrrmph.

Folks, I don’t know how to tell you this, but the rich have no intention of sharing, and they have every intention of butt-fucking us until the bitter end.   Some will say “why look, you are so wrong,  millionaires have been created by the miracle of capitalism.”  Well, I say bullshit.  There are maybe a couple of Dot-Com millionaires left (not that a million will be worth much soon), but most of them are just folk now.  Real estate millionaires need no explanation whatsoever.  It is boiling down to the poor folks who get screwed and the rich pukes (read here:  Goldman-Sachs) that do the screwing.  In other words “same as it ever was”.

The rich plutocrats that are stealing from us live on Wall Street.  Their wealth and power depend on us thinking that, through pluck and hard work and a little luck we can join them.  This is the ultimate American lottery.  A chance of a couple million-to-one to join the plutocrats all for an easy, single-payment price of your freedom. 

This is the ultimate irony.  They sell the masses on the idea that if capitalism is unfettered, anyone can rise to the big times.  So we give these swine the freedom and they turn around and screw us hard.  Then they go back to the same old well and say that if we take their freedom to screw us, we will not be able to join them in the screwing class.  So we hem and haw…because our fondest dream is to be on the other side and to be an oppressor.

Freedom and high-level crony capitalism have nothing to do with each other.  One is a right, the other is a golden-plated set of chains.   What we are seeing now is the gold plating wearing off the chains, exposing them for what they truly are.

I’ll make you a bet that we order them replated and keep on going.


Mayberry said...

Bernanke is hard at work with the re-plating.... Over a trillion in debt monetized with the wave of a wand. Unfortunately, he's trying to plate those chains with fool's gold..... Those who shun the "system", and live independently amongst like minded folk will survive, and likely thrive.

Mockum said...

I agree with your thoughts, but on a personal level the fact that us proles primary use is to enrich the powerful doesn't bother me. I think it's only a problem if one buys into the lie. Neither of us have.