Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is what I am thinking


My old buddy Mayberry has just written an article on his frustration.  In a real sense, it is the same frustration that all of feel when we are watching cheap B-grade slasher films and the people on the screen can’t see the man in the mask sneaking up behind them.

Now, this is particular paragraph is directed at Mayberry, and is a bit of a dressing down, so please take it in the spirit it is given:  Look man, if you want to win them over to your point of view, you have to stop thinking of them as “drooling idiots” and “sheeple”.  They are your countrymen and your neighbors.  They might be mistaken, and they might be behind the curve, but folks don’t listen to you when they think you consider them to be less than yourself.

Now, back to the point at hand.  I recently put up some info about the common security club system that is being started by the folks over the Institute of Policy Studies and

I have started a dialog with these folks, because I really feel that if we are going to be getting through the next little bit of time in history, we are going to have to do it together.  Doing things together means organization and hard work.  I would prefer to use a more right-wing, libertarian organization as a resource, but the organizational cadres of these appear to have been hijacked by the same people who are currently looting the country. 

The left has a long and proud history of organization at low levels.  The right has historically spent much effort suppressing such organization.  Joe Hill is still dead, yet he is much better remembered than the Utah Supreme court who turned down the appeal. 

So, I am beginning the process of making common cause with these unreconstructed leftists.  I have issues with some of their thinking, but they seem to be headed the right way.  Maybe if I talk with them as equals, and we work together, both groups will grow in wisdom.

I’ll keep you posted


Maitreya said...

I think soon, 'right' and 'left' won't matter as much anymore.
We are all in this ship together, and it's going down.
We ALL need to pull together to launch the lifeboats.
Good post.

Mayberry said...

Point taken. I just get so frustrated......