Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Triticale and Rye


Making pizza dough tonight.  But as an experiment, I’m going to start cutting the wheat flour with rye flour.   Tonight I will start with 1 cup dark rye to 4 cups white.  Go through the normal recipe and see how it goes over.   Rye and it’s kissing cousin triticale are winter-hardy crops that will do a lot better in short growing seasons.  Might behoove me to learn a bit about them

I guess that the reason that I am trying this on is to add some variations to the themes in my cooking, but another is that I am a contrary fellow, and I am beginning to think that there might not be more to the global warming debate as I was leaning a while ago.  There is no real reason for this, I am just starting to suspect that there may be something deeper than the data shows.  .

There has been a whole bunch of black swans wandering around the planet lately.   It seems as though the “experts” have been wrong more than they have been right and the phenomenon has been spread out across any number of fields.    There is starting to be some evidence accumulating that the suns cyclical nature is not all that well understood by the experts.  The sunspot cycle was supposed to have restarted by now.  Instead, there is zip, nada.  I’m waiting to see.   But what is curious to me is the was that the scientist smart-boys are treating the data.

Watch this and you will see what I mean.  When they started out in july 2004 the mimimum was supposed to be in early 2007 with a huge old peak ahead of us.  Instead, it is now getting onto the second quarter of 2009 and we are still at the bottom. 


What I am saying is that I am starting to seriously suspect anything that claims to predict future events from a mathematical model.   And lets not kid ourselves, that is a bunch of our lives.  Better to be careful and to cover all bets.  I am not sure that the experts are worth their weight in warm spit.

I’ll keep you posted on how the rye bread pizza works out.

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Joseph said...

I think the equity markets may be a leading indicator for sunspots.

Beware, a bear rally could cause interference with telecommunications satellites