Thursday, May 21, 2009


When I read about the middle ages, I was always taken by the descriptions of life in the winter in the northern climes. How things effectively shut down and the folks hunkered down in their hovels, drinking and being depressed.

Well, buckaroos, there is a bit of that in my life as well. Things kinda go into slow motion in the winter, with lots of reading, and the house getting progressively more yucky.

Well, then spring/summer comes around and you have to spend some days getting the house back in shape. Thats where I am right now. Lots of scrubbing and vacuuming and cleaning and tossing out of crap. The boys are actually helping this year. Being twelve and thirteen years old, they aren't giving 100%, but there are better things to do when you are twelve and thirteen. But the whining is diminishing and the work is getting done (albeit slowly).

So if I seem a bit surly in my writing, rest assured that it is because of this yearly ritual.

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