The Reason I Am Hopeful

In the long run, it really doesn't matter who is living on one end of the mall and works on the other. It really doesn't matter who gets rich on Wall Street. At best, the so-called "Elites" make up about 1% of the country. In a very real sense, they serve in the same role as the football team in your local high school. A distraction that is tolerated, serviced by cheerleaders, and with a sense of self-importance far in excess of their true worth.

When times are good, we ignore them. We do pretty much do what we want to do.

When times are bad, we ignore them. We pretty much do what we need to do.

Taxes will go up and down, depending on the vagaries of programs and current political fashion. Vague promises will be made to "do something" about one problem or another. But the folks out there will shrug and make do. Old folks aren't going to starve, we'll manage to take care of them. Kids will get educated, you can do that in class sizes from twenty-two to forty.

We will spend the next years coming to a new balance. Consumerism is coming to an end and we haven't dreamed up what will replace the resulting hole in our collective soul.


Lweson said…
Hope you do not mind I just linked to this post. I have wanted to say something like this for months but just could not get the words right. Thank you.
Mathew said…
Perhaps consumerism itself is the hole in the collective sole.

Or more accurately, maybe there is an emptiness we tried to fill with plastic toys. It is possible to meet those needs with another addiction, or with something more satisfying.

Interesting times indeed.