Thursday, June 4, 2009


One of the most prevalent beliefs in America today is that one is a good driver.  You talk to anyone, they will inform you haughtily that they are a good driver. 


All evidence appears to refute this.


My car-pool partners appear to think that the daily drive is a means of displaying their prowess behind the wheel.  Speeding, tailgating, and cursing the misbegotten who actually are so spineless as to obey the posted speed limit are the norm. 


Picking a single lane and a single speed are beneath these would-be-NASCAR drivers. 


I drive like a grandpa.  Fifty-five is just fine.  I like six or seven car lengths between me and the car in from of me.  I have actually been known to let people merge without cutting them off.  Needless to say, this aberrant behavior has earned me endless scorn and hails of derisive laughter.


Last week, I averaged the difference in time to target between my driving habits and those of the young buck who is the “best driver”.  In the eighteen-mile trip to work, his average time was 23:42.  In the prior week when I drove, the average time was 24:36.


I pray that there will be an early express bus soon.   


Mayberry said...

People love me in my Heep. 65 mph is about top end. I'm always getting passed. I also drive right at, or just below the speed limit on the side streets, because most of 'em resemble cow trails more than roads. Old Heeps ride like buckboards to begin with, add in a 4 inch lift and some 33x12.50s, and the axles might as well be bolted directly to the frame..... Anything over 35 on side streets requires a trip to the chiropractor.....

Stephanie in AR said...

Our health instructor tried to teach that same point, there is less than two minutes difference in the two driving styles. His question was "Is less than two minutes worth your life?" Of course most just snickered at the old man (college as a nontraditional student). I'd bet you get better gas mileage too.

tweell said...

I realized I was becoming an 'adversarial driver' and decided to mellow out instead. Driving at the speed limit, mild acceleration and taking it easy instead of +10 over the speed limit and being a leadfoot has paid off. The difference was 2 minutes more of commute and 8 mpg increase, well worth it! The lower accident potential and lower stress doesn't hurt either.

Meadowlark said...

I'm a good driver like you are a good driver. I assume everyone else is out to ram me ;) and drive with plenty of cushion.

Of course, it's not like I ever really drive anywhere, but when I do, I fully stop at stop signs, signal always, you know... the boring grandma stuff!