Monday, October 26, 2009

Marketing Formulae

I guess that I have been writing less lately because I have been a touch depressed.  Oh, don't fret, it isn't the kind of depression that makes you want to go out and swallow the latest from big pharma, it is something else.

That there is nothing new under the sun is a given.  But what is being passed around as commentary in nearly every media is almost worthless.  The MSM is doing everything it can do to get things back to the go-go days.  The blogosphere is obsessed with either a.) bizarre (albeit amusing) fantasies about punishing the evil-doers, b.) a play-by-play of where we went wrong and how, if only people would have listened, we might have avoided the mistakes that we made, or c.) indulging in a mental replay of either the Postman or The Road.

In a way, all of the activities above are nearly worthless.  It might be good for a bitching session among close friends while at a bar, but it is not going to get us out of the pickle we are in.

So, I am going to try my best to lean toward ideas that will get us moving out of the mess.  As much as I hate to say it, the hippie-dippies seem to be on the closest thing to a path moving forward.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I am not espousing liberal views, but rather pointing out that the folks that went back to the land in the commune movement and stayed there might well have been right all along.

So y'all are welcome to call my shit when I am just bitching to bitch.  I will try to be better at working on ways to let us get through.


Publius said...

similar thoughts here.
Living in a communal manner doesn't mean smoking dope and listening to certain kinds of music. It would include personal responsibility and a lot of conservative qualities. In fact, communal living is by nature conservative (in the sense of conserving that which matters from the past).
I suspect that a way of life that is sustainable will piss off both the current left and right.

Mayberry said...

I'd have to say you're right. That would go a long ways toward fixing things, problem is very few are willing to do it. Which is why I do a, b, and c, heh heh heh....