Friday, October 16, 2009

Why I Personally Like Silver

You should have a stash of stuff.  It isn't going to save your life, you will probably spend it sometime, but by maintaining it, you will keep at least a portion of your mindset focused toward the idea that things might not go the way you wish.

Things are getting twitchy out there.  Despite the latest news that economists are coming out en masse and declaring without a doubt that the recession is over,  one might want to have stuff squirreled away in the off-chance that they are wrong (yet again).

Twenty dollar bills are a nice thing to have around.  People trade you good stuff for these.  I would recommend that you keep some about.

The "smart folks" say that gold is the bomb.  Boy, what a store of value, the stuff will be usable when you need something.   I question this.  Look, gold is the stuff of nations and kings and folk who like the stratosphere.  If TSHTF, the stuff will be just too damn valuable.  Consider this for an object lesson.  

Like it or not folks, you have to make a decision soon about how to line your squirrel stash.  If you feel that you have enough pull to run with the big dogs, then go out and load up on gold bars.  But if you do that make sure that you have enough on hand to pay your lawyers and private security people.

Silver has always been the store of value for us low-lifes.  A silver dollar is a couple of weeks of beans and rice or a quarter tank of gas.  There are other possibilities, but think also about fungibility.  Ingots of metals won't be easily traded.  Whiskey has a nasty habit of vanishing when your friends come over to visit.  Food is too damn bulky if movement is at a premium.

So ponder it, maybe I have forgotten something.

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Mayberry said...

I find no fault with that logic. Like every other form of money, we just have to hope it is still accepted when we need to use it. Personally, I'm going for the beans, bandaids, and bullets. If and when I feel I'm squared away in those departments, then I'll look into some silver. But each person has to take his own situation into account and act accordingly. What's right for one may not be for someone else...