Monday, December 28, 2009

OK Christmas is over

(No, these aren't my preps, but what a great picture)
Now it is back to work on everything.  Kids have been properly spoiled, enough food to choke a small horse has been consumed, sleep has been caught up on.

So now a little prepping.  I think that the next phase of the operation is organization and inventory.  The trouble with the creation of even a itty-bitty stash such as mine is that you really have to keep on top of it for it to remain useful in a pinch.

The nice thing about organization and inventory is that while it is every bit as important as the more glamorous (??) aspects of prepping, it doesn't cost a dime and makes prepping more likely for success.

So, for now, on the prepping front, I am going to get things into plastic totes and label everything clearly.

But, what would this blog be if I didn't take something simple and useful and expand it into something pompous and arrogant.  Such is my burden.  In a sense, this next year might strongly resemble this task.  Nothing elegant, nothing really noticable, just moving pieces into place.

We doomers like our go to hell quick scenario.  Don't kid yourselves though kiddies, history is a frightfully slow process.  Yes, sometimes you get something that can be covered in the networks news cycle, but most of the time, it is as thrilling as watching the weeds grow in your back yard.

I figure that this next year is going to be a steady, slow slide downhill, when it ends we will be close to the bottom, but still holding our breath..

This here is what will take the next year to run its course.  How we handle this will define a lot of thing for the next twenty years.


Mayberry said...

The inevitable implosion of the Ponzi scheme. At long last. Yeah, it will still be slow, but at least we know what we're looking for now. Tangibles, the new 401k... Prep on!

HermitJim said...

I think it would behoove us all to get a bit more organized...especially me!

I've put it off too long, so it's time to get busy...!

Thanks for the reminder!