Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cream of Walk-in

One of the areas where I think that folks have to get their heads straight is the way that they eat. Now, I am not talking abut health, or obesity, or anorexia or all of those strange things that we currently worry about in this age of excess, no I am talking about cooking what you can get.

When I talk with most folks about dinner, they come up with a menu and go to the store and pick up the ingredients. This is predicated on the idea that the food that they want will always be sitting there on the store shelf, at a price that they want to pay, when they want it.

Now, just between you and I, one could venture a guess that this ain't the way that things are going to be in the future. I don't see anything in the way of food shortages in the near future, but I do see gaps that will begin to grow in what we want and what is available. I think that you had better get used to seeing what you have and, then, when you have established that part of the process, start figuring out what it is you can make out what is available.

So today is soup, this is another thing that you had better get used to. There is nothing like a soup with some bread to make a complete meal, especially in the winter. The summers cheap meals come from your garden (oh, you don't have one?...well, get off your ass). Soups can make a good meal out of some pretty odd companions. One of the best soups that I have ever tasted is a pork-apple curry with swiss chard and rice. Gotta give that one another go.

So, as I have stated before, make sure your spice cabinet is up to snuff and get out there and practice. Remember cookbooks are general guidelines, not the letter of the law.


HermitJim said...

That is some very good advice...especially about the cook books being just a guide, not law!

Folks have to start learning to use what they have!

Bustednuckles said...

Having a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of is going to be a priority for a lot of folks.

I'm with you about the soup thing. I have been on a soup kick lately.
It's easy as hell and a great way to use left overs and vegetable ends.

Mayberry said...

I might rethink that food shortage thing if I were you. There's bits of info all over the place that suggest there will be one this year. Factor in the Florida and south Texas citrus crop being killed off by all this "Gorebal Warming" as well, because it looks like that just might happen...

Dorcas' Daddy said...

Always so wrong MayB, and passionately so too.

These people didn't pay a damn thing--that's why most jobs are make-work nonsense and we are nationally so in debt.

Complaining about paying in and getting robbed? No, they paid in $1, have received $10 back in services, goods, and lifestyle, and are told instead of $10 more they'll only get $8 now.

And the people mad about this are (fiscally) conservative? Ha ha ha, try greedy and self serving in their logic.

USA is a world oppressor,to your and my personal benefit. We're also one of the nicest oppressors in history, but we exploit our colonies all the same.

If Baby Boomers had paid in and were being robbed, we'd HAVE A SURPLUS that wasn't being distributed. But we don't, we have default worthy deficits, because everybody got more out than they put in.

And as an aside--everyone talks about not 'bailing out' California--but California is a net payer of taxes, almost all other states are recipients of tax revenue (i.e. they get WELFARE).

It's hard to go from making 10x what you're worth to 5x, but pretending that's you getting robbed, as opposed to robbing others slightly less, is the height of hubris.

Dorcas' Daddy said...

Meant that last one for the Boomer post--oh well.


Mayberry said...

Dorca, you are very, very diluded.... Your "argument" is riddled with contradictions. There's no "surplus" because SS was a Ponzi scheme to begin with, and the problem has been exacerbated by the fact that politicians have used it as a political slush fund, in order to buy votes.

But those who've paid in should rightfully expect to get what they were promised. That most won't is a testament to the failure of the socialist model.

Your definition of "greedy and self serving", I call Freedom. "Charity" from the point of a gun is not charity at all.

As far as California goes, what planet are you on? California is bankrupt, American citizens and companies are leaving there like rats from a sinking ship. Another testament to the utter failure of the socialist model.

I got your "hubris" hangin' bro. I'm far from "wealthy", yet my money is stolen monthly. Combined, my wife and I make 40K, which don't even qualify as "middle class" anymore. Rightly so, because raising a family of four on 40K, in the "American tradition", is bordering on impossible these days. We're taxed to death, and we make "too much money" for any communist redistribution schemes (which I would never take anyways).

Let us keep what we earn, minus a small amount for defence (not empire building) and infrastructure, and we'd be doing fine. But instead, we watch $1,000 per month disappear before we ever see it, which funds scores of "programs" which we do not support. Which feeds crack whores steak and shrimp while we eat meatloaf and ramen noodles. Which forces us to count our pennies, causes me to yell at the kids for leaving the door open, or the water running, or for wasting food, because we've barely got a pot to piss in.

So take your self righteous drivel and stuff it where the sun don't shine DORK-a, because I ain't nothing more than another beat down drone in this miserable excuse for a "society", when I could be so much more if it weren't for bleeding hearts like you robbing me of my livlihood, and forcing your ideology down my throat via force of government.

I'll tell you now, those of us who value Freedom are not gonna take it laying down any more...

Dorcas' Daddy said...


Man, you get too fired up at the wrong people, that's all.

I hear you dude, working hard for little money and paying tons for civil servants who make more than you can dream of. I feel you. Don't think I don't believe you work hard, don't think I don't know you're working to support slackers on both ends of the income spectrum.

But I'm no socialist automaton with a fancy job and a fear of firearms.

My point is WAY wilder, more mind-fucking than that. My point is that YOU live better than JD Rockefeller's great grandpa did, and he was rich in his day. My point is that we CAN keep our promises to pensioners and Americans everywhere--but it would require Nazi-like Fascism and EXPLICIT exploitation and enslavement of the rest of the world. We've already whipped the horse (rest of the world funding our collective lifestyles) and it's running harder than ever. But to overuse the analogy, pretty soon the horse will either die from exhaustion or buck us off.

I can't back that man. I'd rather figure out how to live with less-less stuff, less security, and yes, less freedom.

I can't support my modern lifestyle (middle class but only by 21st Century standards) on the backs of a worldwide network of slaves.

And that's the choice--create an American Utopia built on the skulls of the World, or settle back closer to equilibrium in our inputs & outputs.

Keep your head up and don't let some smartass California boy get you down.