Thursday, January 28, 2010

My World

My world:

Get to work 05:20, pick up phones get messages.  One message says " this is Mrs X, we just got your message, we will be in at 07:30".  OOPS.  Not supposed to be here until 09:30.  Try to call to tell her to take time..too late, they are on the road (100+ mile drive), phone is in no-service spot (lots of those off in the boonies).   So they get in at 07:30, takes me a good 10 minutes apologizing profusely and getting them less pissed off, so they go to the waiting room and wait for two or so hours.

So, you have heard me rant in the past about my co-workers.  When the person who left the message came in, I told her that the patient was in two hours early because the message on the machine said to be there at 07:30.  Her response was that they patients never listened properly to their messages and that she was thorough and conscientious and it was the patient's mistake not hers.  She also ran off to the bathroom and called the union to place a complaint about me harassing her.

It is one strange planet.

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HermitJim said...

Everyone wants to pass the blame on to someone else...thus blame the victim, as it were!

Whatever happened to taking ownership for their error? Guess folks like you and I just are bad people for expecting people to do the right thing and be considerate!