Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pay Attention

I keep harping on the need to pay attention to your immediate environment.  I think this is because most of us here in America are so fixated on the mass structures of media and federal government activities that they ignore or downplay the importance of the local.

What we are beginning to experience is the progressive inability of a massive federal or continental structure to provide the populace with useful services.  That same structure will also be comin’ a knockin’ for money to not provide the same useful services.  This is a recipe for disaster.

But all of us (myself included) have a tendency  to obsess on the big stuff up there in DC.  In doing so, we relegate the city and local systems to the mental equivalent of a page-thirteen story.  In other word, we ignore them.  I think that this ignorance and laxity will carry a harsh price in the future.

Federal government will be wilting.  Despite the idiotic ravings of Glenn Beck and Rush, the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings that is jokingly called “a financial crisis” will cripple the fedguv’s ability to tax and/or spend.  That financial poverty, coupled with the intellectual and moral poverty that circumscribes DC will push the Washington establishment further and further into the inconsequential.

So stop paying attention to the small shit on the evening network news.  Stop paying attention to federal politicians and their grandiose schemes and shriveled souls.  Start setting you sights on your city and county governments and strengthen them with your ideas and energy.  The local governments will be there long after the federal government becomes little more than an annoying background hum

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Mayberry said...

The City of Corpus Crusty is scrambling to cut services and chop heads. Every "money saving" scheme they've ever come up with has been a miserable failure. Taxes are maxed out, and have been for years, yet the city is crumbling. City Councils come and go, but the same slugs who run the bureaucracy remain, generation after generation. Those jobs are inherited. Best to find a small town, where it's easier to "clean house"...