Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Money

OK, Maybe I am mistaken here, but here is the way that I see it.

It appears to me that the banks screwed up royal.  They loaned everyone and his brother massive amounts.  But the truth of the matter is, it was made up money.  My understanding is that, because of the magic of fractional reserve banking, if

(1) a bank has a dollar, it can loan out ten dollars, but, since these folks worship the golden calf, their religions states that they have to make up some numbers in a book.

So, the banks got greedy in the last twenty years and;

(2) made up a whole bunch of numbers in a book. 

They then;

(3) gave us pieces of paper which allowed us to buy crap from China. 

All was groovy for a bit and all of us chilluns had all the toys that we could play with.

Then, because China had gotten so big, and our bosses had gotten so greedy, all of the original dollar bills that we gave to bank started to dry up.  Our jobs really didn't do anything other than push numbers around a computer screen.  So jobs started to go away and people stopped handing back the made up pieces of paper to the banks.

Now, the banks see this as a serious sin.  Those made up pieces of paper that they gave us are real.  Just look at the books that they wrote them down in (in literature, this is referred to as "fiction").  Since they are written down in our books say the banks, they are now real.

But the folks out in the world say "we don't have any pieces of paper to give you."  They feel that they have done a great wrong.  But the place where they went every day to get the pieces of paper to give the bank went and moved to China.  As these folks are not particularly fond of Chinese food, and China hasn't sent them a letter to come over and get some of their pieces of paper, they don't give pieces of paper to the bank.

So now the banks have a problem with their made up book.  The dollar that was in there and started the whole mess is still sitting there, dazed and slightly confused.

The real problem is, is that everyone got caught up in the pretend money thing.  Now all the sudden people are noticing that the pretend money is starting to look a little rough around the edges.  This appears to be the end of the world.

Folks appear to be surprised that it didn't work.   I need a drink.

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Mayberry said...

That was a very good description of how it all works. Though I believe the actual "reserve ratio" is 30:1. Which makes things all the more interesting. Most folks are blissfully unaware of this Ponzi scheme, and therefore feel obligated to work, slave, and sacrifice in order to repay the hot air they borrowed, believing it to be someone else's money, believing it some great sin if they fail to do so. Were people aware that everything they've been brought up to believe in is mostly smoke and mirrors, the Revolution would start tomorrow. But even though the truth is out there, plain to see for those who care to see it, the truth is neither taught, nor sought out by the vast majority of brainwashed robots out there. Even if they accidentally find it, or someone tries to make them aware of it, they refuse to believe it, or fail to understand it, and what it really means. Sigh......