Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Up early this AM.  Went to sleep early yesterday and got 8+ hours, so life is just dandy right now.

What I want to talk about is how everyone on the planet seems to think that what is happening right now was done to them by some malevolent external force.  You know, the bilderbergers, the commies, creeping socialism, alien space rays, the NSA, blah, blah, blah.

What no one seems to want to address is their own complicity in the creation of the morass of problems that are ebbing and flowing around us.  I really see this as the biggest obstacle to any meaningful solution or set of solutions. 

I was part of the mess.  Closed down two factories which ended up in China.  Flew back and forth to Asia more times than I care to count.  Got all snotty and high-falutin' because I though that I was king shit.  Brought down some good coin and blew it just as fast as I could shovel it out of my pocket.

So when the SHTF, I have to stand up and claim my share of the fault. 

But folks that I talk to don't want to do anything like this.  They were pure and innocent babes in the woods, wide-eyed and amazed that someone would do this to them.  The did buy too much house, but everyone was doing it.  Their 401-K had nothing to do with the stock bubble, though it fed the monster.  Their disregard of politics under slick willie and bushie weren't part of the problem, they were out living the dream, everything was going great so don't look too close.

The problem we are facing now is that we want to find a convenient scapegoat, punish them thoroughly, and then, once the shallow gods that we worship have been properly propitiated, go back to livin' large.

The scapegoats we drive forth will not serve as an adequate sacrifice.  Like christianity vs the pagan cults, a simple external sacrifice doesn't satisfy, what is expected is a cleansing of souls.

I for one would bet against it happening soon.

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Mayberry said...

You are right, we all are at fault for the sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in, because we failed to heed the warnings wrought upon our grandparents and great grandparents by the Great Depression. We failed to heed history's warning. We allowed tyranny and empire building to proceed unchecked. We bought in to the lies and propaganda. And now we are left to deal with the consequences. As are our children. And their children.....