Friday, February 12, 2010


It's the sincere prayer of the wage slave.
I am on my first cup of tea (sometimes my stomach is funky and tea
doesn't beat it up as badly as coffee) and I am thinking again about the
availability of caffeine in a the cold times.  99% of all coffee is
imported, same probably goes with tea, but I haven't looked into it.
I keep some canned green beans in my preps.  One case only, the hassle
of roasting them, then grinding them keeps my from digging in.  They
also have O2 scavengers so they will last about forever, which is when I
want to use them.
Just thinking, you might want to get a backup supply in your long preps


treesong said...

One reason I enjoy reading other's blogs is I usually discover something I had not considered. Roasting green coffee beans is one of them. And, if things collapse far enough and long enough coffee will help us feel "normal."

Publius said...

No kidding!
I've been experimenting with roasting beans. It's quite easy with a plain old popcorn air popper.
You just watch the beans roast until they hit the right color. It works great.

Green coffee beans last a long time. I suspect they will be imported post-SHTF, because even in Medieval Times, coffee was traded throughout the Middle East and then Europe, via sailing ship. It transports pretty well, and makes sense as a long-distance, post-Peak Oil trade good.

You'll just need something to trade for it in return!

Mayberry said...

Publius hit a note there. The human desire to prosper will continue post SHTF, and I suspect folks will quickly sieze on opportunities which have fell by the wayside in recent times. Trade will continue, in some way, shape, or form. The age of sail will return. And I'll be right there waiting, saw and hammer in hand, sextant at the ready....