Sunday, February 7, 2010


It is actually a part of speech that isn't spoken of too much. Essentially is is something that raises the ante in the conversation. The "F" word is a great example.

There was a discussion on cussing the other day over at the Rantfest. Pretty good stuff, but as with any complex subject such as etiquette, there was no solid agreement.

I am always fuddled about how to approach the subject of cursing around the "wimmen-folk". Since I know women and men who cuss like longshoreman and women and men who wouldn't say shit if they had a mouthful.

So it is a arena where mutual respect must be weighed and gauged closely with no certainty of where you will land. You need respect others desires to nott hear cursing, but they will need to respect your need (yes need) to cuss occasionally.

If a person is willing to reject and shun you for having preferences on a minor issue like this (yes, it is minor), then you are well served bidding them well. If a person is willing to overlook your occasional "flaws of speech", you should make every effort to keep them at a minimum. Such is the nature of mutual self respect.

This must be extended simply to all people. To place women on a higher plane and change your basic nature to suit them is an insult to your individuality and to their maturity. To treat them as frail flowers is to belittle their strength. To do what they say because they said it is to remove you own spine.

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