Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Doing Anything

In a way, the pickle that we are in is a result of a whole series of positive actions done by the consortium of commercial banks than constitute the Regional Federal Reserve Banks and their mouthpiece, the Federal Reserve Board.  This crew, along with the free-spending compadres in the House and Senate have botched things up pretty badly.

Oh, we like blaming the President for our problems, but he neither writes bills, nor spends money, nor votes in confirmation hearings for the clowns on the federal reserve.  His main task is to look good and do what the Joint Chiefs of Staff tell them to do.  Thus far, I would actually give BHO pretty good grades on his being the malleable and photogenic mouthpiece that is the nature of the job.

So, back to the point of the essay.  I think that the country is divided into two sections.  These are the;
  1. We have to DO something crowd.  These are good folks.  They are passionate about their solutions to problems and have a positive outlook and a true belief in the power of mankind to better itself.   These folks have been in power for the past sixty years and we have a whole series of edifices and societal structures to monument their world view.
  2. The other crowd is the crowd that we are mostly involved with.  This is a surly, rather annoyed crowd that has been towed along in the wake of the improvers listed in (1) above.  As a group, they do not appear to have any confidence at all in the power of mankind to better themselves.  They mostly want to be left alone.  
Now, some of you will wish to divide these neatly into Democrats and Republican titles.  I would say that would be quite a bit of a reach, thank you very much.  The Republican party has proved itself very adept at spending money and trying to improve the world for the past twenty or so years.

But I think that a lot of folks are edging from the umbrella of crowd one over to crowd two.  The "improvements" that have been put in place have been looking pretty long in the tooth lately.  This decrepitude is slowly convincing the younger folk that maybe government programs aren't the way to go and maybe they have to do it themselves.   The old folks that currently have their hands in the monkey puzzle (where the monkey puts it hand into the cookie jar, grabs a cookie, and can't get the hand out while it still holds the cookie) are pretty much at the mercy and whim of whoever is in charge.

So really, what we have to do it wait.  We can't insult folks for taking so long to figure it out.  Prep as hard as you can prep.  Get as local as you get.

Be adaptable.

Cuz no one is going to save you.