Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The trouble with dealing with foot problems is that the cure hurts. My fungustoe that was taken care of the other day by nail removal and ablation (trans: Rip that puppy off and then nuke the nailbed so it won't grow again) solves the problem, but sometimes it hurts.

This is the old-fashioned remedy. Could go with the $200 nail polish or the "take oral antifungals for six months and hope your liver can handle it" cure.

This is where medicine will probably return. Get used to seeing trusses instead of hernia surgery. Dentures instead of implants. Generic medicines instead of blockbusters. SImple fixes instead of state of the art.

The reason that our medicine and health care cost so much is because we think we can keep it running longer if we put in good parts. That dog ain't gonna hunt.

We die when God calls us.


Mayberry said...

No more toenail? Dude, you shoulda tried antifreeze. I posted about it last year. A few drops under the nail three times a week. It's working for me, and I ain't died yet....

Dorcas' Daddy said...

And I'm back, squeezing that old hourglass for one more grain of sand.