Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Starting the move


I am beginning the process of moving my stuff over to a wordpress system that will reside on a server that I can control.
I have been with Blogger for quite a while (the original was back in 2005, but I let it lapse and blogspot won't let me have it back).  But I am getting more and more disturbed by the omnipresence of Google.  It is just too intrusive and subtle for my tastes, it has too much effect on a supposedly free system.  

Being an avowed tin-foil hatter, the recent "agreement" between the NSA and Google for technical assistance in securing their systems left me cold.

So, I will continue dual posting here and at the new site for a while, as soon as I get the change over to my satisfaction, I will post the new URL and let this thing lapse. 


Mayberry said...

Yeah, the googlies don't exactly leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling. But in reality, no blog is "safe" from intrusion. Nothing is private once you put it out there in the blogosphere. Good luck with the move, I'll be standing by....

Stephanie in AR said...

I'll follow along too. After a server changed the tos on the homeschool site the owners went to wordpress. it was very frustrating to lose everything like in an instant so I have two blogs exactly the same but on different sites for backup. Like Mayberry said nothing is safe or perfect but trying is better than sitting & pouting.

What is it about blogger & the exploding screens? Click on a read & suddenly the screens are popping up like p*rn. Had to ration the reads to keep sane.

Hope you & the family get better soon.