Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I always wanted to be one of the folks with great teeth. My dentist informed me yet again that I was not one of them.
Modern dentistry, when likened to auto repair facilities, tries to more like a high-cost body shop. The dentist told me he wanted me to pay him on the order of $10,000 to bring it back up to his standards. I told him that I was looking for a slap of body filler and a tune up.
Since I have the money and he doesn't, we are doing it my way, so his boat will have to wait for someone else to make its payment.

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Mahtomedi said...

htomediIf more people had those 'financial considerations' discussions with their dentists, I would bet they would find a way to keep us chewin' pain-free without the thousand dollar crown.

BTW, I once had a frank discussion with a dentist about how faithful I was with brushing, flossing, etc and yet I continued to need dental repairs and wanted to know why. He said that tooth decay is effected enormously by the natural viscosity of one's saliva. High viscosity is bad.

That's more than you wanted to know I'm sure, but I've been lookin' for a chance to spread my knowledge of this fact:)

Mayberry said...

My father in law is a retired dentist. I've got no desire to help finance another dentist's $400,000 motor home...

HermitJim said...

Some of my relatives went to Mexico for dental work and were satified with the quality of the work done! Got it for more tha half the price of the same thing here in the states!

Not sure I would want to do that, but it goes to show how much profit can be made just feeding the ego!

Stephanie in AR said...

We are having a similiar discussion with Little Missey's dentist. Since she's a Children's Hospital patient a regular dentist will not do more than look. The pediatric wants to do $2,000 worth of work on babyteeth! Easy to see they are not used to being asked for alternatives.

Mahtomedi - I like that bit of info. Our children either have rock solid teeth or ones that melt like sugar. Keep explaining they are all raised the same but keep getting scolded about brushing ect. Very annoying.