Friday, March 5, 2010

Even semi-celibate old men are stupid

Having testicles is like being chained to the village idiot. I wish it wasn't so, But the fact just sits there.  Mute embaressment all around.

I have the good fortune to work in an area with a heavy population of attractive and intelligent younger women.  These youngsters have adopted me as one of their own as I speak with them as adults and don't openly try to chase them.  The reason that I don't chase them is the somewhat unwelcome realization that they probably aren't attracted by my aging, obese, scarred and broken body.    

However, certain parts of my body resist this charitable description and insist that, if I would only get off my duff, a little procreation is there for the taking.

Idiots, as I stated before.

I wonder when they will shut up?


Publius said...


shiloh1862 said...

LMAO....join the club Brother!


HermitJim said...

Guess it's just a curse we'll have to bravely bear!

Have to admit though, sometimes just looking is a fun thing...!

Stephanie in AR said...

From my days in the nursing home on the heavy care wing - not until several hours after death.

Gather ye marbles said...

Hope springs eternal in the human shlong.

bctruck said...

well i turned 50 not long ago. everyone told me how lucky i was to not need glasses. then i woke up the morning i turned 50 and had to feel my way down the hall to the bathroom. i hate glasses !!!!! inside every old guy is a young guy demanding to know what the hell just happened.