Friday, August 20, 2010

Maybe time to stock up a little

through the intercession of the Virgin, sometimes through industry or cleverness; but your beans are there, and you are safe. Beans are a roof over your stomach. Beans are a warm cloak against economic cold. Only one thing could threaten the lives and happiness of the family of the Señora Teresina Cortez...
John Steinbeck
Tortilla Flats
I am thinking that it may be time to upgrade the rice and beans supplies a little bit.  No real reason, just the usual low-grade paranoia.  Take the time to bag them up and seal them with a O2 scavenger.   They last for quite a while packed that way.

I have enough to get by for a bit, I am thinking that maybe it is time for a bigger bit.   The signs and omens don't look really good right now.

Even if you don't pack them away like this, having these around gives you a ton of  fallback.  Chili, bean soup, etc can carry you a long way in cold times.

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