Thursday, September 23, 2010

Adrenaline Rush Idiots

Sarah Shourd is a moron.

Now, I am certain that she is well educated.  Probably speaks well.  Might even be fun to chat with at a dinner party.  But she is high-functioning, peculiar breed of moron endemic here in the West.

The, I-am-pretty-and-safe-and-anyway-I-can-do-anything-because-someone-will-save-me moron.

Up here in Oregon, we are forever fishing these idiots out of snow caves on Mount hood because they are too stupid to pay attention to the weather.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spend on dramatic helicopter and search and rescue efforts for save idiots.

Now, back to Sarah the moron.  First consideration will be a map. is the deal, they are saying that the Iranian border guards crossed "a few yards" into Iraq to illegally "kidnap" her and her buddies.

What the fuck was a woman (a sex the Kurds treat like shit) doing hiking in Kurdistan (which by the way, is a part of Iraq and definitely in a war zone) and then having the absolute and utter stupidity to get within ten miles of a country we are always in the mood to attack?


And the richest part of the deal is that this is a description of the folks who are the center of this foofoorah.

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russell1200 said...

They left Syria with Palestinian refugees to go hiking in Kurdistan?

It is not all that clear that the Iranian arrest was a mistake. But what exactly the correct reason for arrest would be is a little unclear.