Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Now we need to talk about something important.

We have always had bread and circuses. I don't think that it is in the best interests, but, such is life. So todays tangent has to do with the circus aspect, In particular, American football (or, as I speak of it, real football, not a bunch of femmy little eurotrash scoooorrrrriiiinnnggg). American football is a circus worth watching, it really is one of my great loves.

I think that the Raiders will make the playoffs this year. You have to give me 2:1 odds. $5.00 only.

I will also accept bets at 14:1 that they will be in the AFC Championship Game. Again $5.00 only.

I will also accept bets at 120:1 that the Raiders will play the Forty-Niners in the super bowl. $1.00 bets only.

Bet will only be accepted from folks who have left a comment on this blog in the past, I ain't a damn bookie, merely a fool.

Go Raiders!


Bustednuckles said...

You are such an optimist!
I was born in Oakland the same year they became a team, been a fan my whole life.
They have consistently and totally sucked for the last several years.
If you are that optimistic, I just might start watching them again.
"Just win, baby".

Mayberry said...

Count me out. The only sport I love involves rods and reels : )