Friday, September 10, 2010

Old Fat Man

I'm there.  Not all that pleased about it, not all that concerned either.  Whether I like it or not, I am not going to live forever, and from what I can see, the best days are far behind me.  

Bullshit on the idea of golden years.  We have created a mythos where old folks are somehow immune from the vagaries of the world, where they are to be protected by years of savings and a benevolent government.  The truth of the matter is that most folks didn't

  • bother to save in the first place, choosing instead to live in the now.
  • couldn't save, as they didn't make enough money to get by and salt stuff away.
  • Life blindsided them with deaths, divorces, bad business deals, unemployment and other such things which drained them.
  • any number of other reasons.

So now we have the standard life.  Where old folks gotta scramble harder than the other folks.  Now, in the mythical past, a lot of these would be taken into multi-generational households, where they would have a valued place that they could deal with, even with their physical limitations.  But that is past, state lines and a society that has atomized families has removed that option for a lot of folks.  

So, I think that a lot of us boomers better get used to the idea of working 'til we drop.  Oh some of us will retire according to the Madison Avenue dream world.  I raise my glass to these folks.  They are extraordinarily blessed.  

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