Monday, September 6, 2010

Poor Babies

Give me an F%^$*& break. If you can't get by with $4K clear a month, you are a spoiled shit and you are living beyond your means.

When I read crap like this, I just want to explode. What this is saying is that all the material crap that folks gauge their “lifestyle” around is good and right and fair. It is none of those things.

Look folks, the generations that count here, the boomers, and the x-ers and the nintendo kids and whatever they call the new one are of the opinion that the world can't change around them. The world doesn't care what they think. The world has changed. The boomers set up the deal so that they would live a gilded lifestyle. They passed on that thought to their kids. It just ain't true.

I for one could get on nicely on $50,000 a year. Matter of fact, I would be living large and salting away for the cold times. Jesus, I even have two teenagers and can do it.


Mayberry said...

$4K clear?! Sheesh, what I could do with $4k a month! Yeah, "poor babies"...

russell1200 said...

The article has its problems, but it is not $4000 free and clear. By their somewhat silly calculations, the couple can make it on $4000 a month. But when you deduct the $1000 month in taxes they are seriously underwater.

But they are paying way too much for their vehicles, and way too much for their food.

Mind you, I am not saying that the median income family does not spend that much, I am just saying that they do not have to.