Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So..thinking that health care isn't a part of the government

First take a peak at this:


And then, consider this definition

In antiquitypublicans (Latin publicanus (singular); publicani (plural)) were public contractors, in which role they often supplied the Roman legions and military, managed the collection of port duties, and oversaw public building projects. In addition, they served as tax collectors for the Republic (and later the Roman Empire), bidding on contracts (from the Senate in Rome) for the collection of various types of taxes. Importantly, this role as tax collectors was not emphasized until late into the history of the Republic (c. 1st century BC). The publicans were usually of the class of equites.
At the height of the Republic's era of provincial expansion (roughly the first and second centuries BC until the end of the Republic) the Roman tax farmingsystem was very profitable for the publicani. The right to collect taxes for a particular region would be auctioned every few years for a value that (in theory) approximated the tax available for collection in that region. The payment to Rome was treated as a loan and the publicani would receive interest on their payment at the end of the collection period. In addition, any excess (over their bid) tax collected would be pure profit for the publicani. The principal risk to the publicani was that the tax collected would be less than the sum bid.
Now, consider the recently passed Affordable Health Care Act.  But, be aware, I am opposed to this act, but not for the reason most folks hate it.  I like Canada's system.  I also like Britains system.  I also have no problem whatsoever with telling folks they can't live forever and we can't fix that.  I also want to break up big Pharma and its bastard stepchild diagnostics and medical equipment.  And don't get me started on that convocation of whores called the FDA.

No, Why I hate this damn thing is that it formally sells the right to tax farming for health care to the insurance companies.  Americans are forced to give them money (read here: TAX) and what makes it even sweeter for the folks who bought this bill is that the guvmint will pony up for those who don't have the ante.

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Mayberry said...

"and what makes it even sweeter for the folks who bought this bill is that the guvmint will pony up for those who don't have the ante."

Which differs from the Canadian/British systems HOW? Whether it's a government stealing your money, or a corporation via government fiat makes no difference in my opinion. There is no Liberty in either. I will not submit to either, and I am morally justified in my refusal. Forced ANYTHING equals slavery...