Getting up is hard to do

Managed to skate a four day weekend out of this week.  No one in my office had noticed that friday was available.  I only noticed when I asked my boss who was off so that I could figure out what extra I needed to do.  When she told me no one had asked for it, I went at it like a ferret goes after a baby chipmunk.

Gotta gut through today.  That really isn't that hard, just plow the field.  Work Steady, make sure all the furrows are straight.  Keep going.  Go home.

Gotta turn back entropy at the homestead.  Lots of stuff to do there.  Little maintenance things and the ongoing housework.

Gonna think about the precious metals thing that has been going on lately.  Silver at $28.00 having seen $29.00?  That bears some thought.  The Fed seems bound and determined that the world will conform to its models.  The idea of someone just casually spending 600 billion of money that doesn't exist is not one that gives a sentient being a warm fuzzy feeling.

The fact that they just keep tossing these big bales of cash on the fire is one that should give us all pause.  It is a clear and obvious warning that shit is heading south.  I don't pretend for a minute that I know exactly what is coming down the pike.  I could care less about the theories running around about the plutocracy and new world order and rich fuckers screwing the welfare queens.

Nope, it is just another sign that winter is coming.  Time to finish work and get the harvest in.

Looks like a cold year ahead.


russell1200 said…
The credit system creates money that does not exist all the time. Every time you buy a gift card, you pretty much do the same thing.

On a side note, and intentionally somewhat buried,

Is it may imagination that a lot of the "waiting for the gloom-and-doom" blog writers seeming to be doing relatively poor economically?. I am curies if their is a casual linkage (in either direction) or just a reflection of general demographics. After all with a 20+% under-employment rate, there are bound to be a few in the crowd.

My guess is that there is a slight causal linkage. Those who are wildly successful within a system are probably the least likely to reject the system. And "gloom-and-doom" blog writers generally not show a great attachment to the current situation.

Of course I am drawn to the more secular authors, the more metaphysically minded authors possibly have whole other group of social reasons.